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Office FurnitureThere are many different reasons why you might want to buy office furniture and you may recognise yourself in one of the following scenarios:

  • You have been tasked by your boss to refurnish your office
  • You’re a business owner and are moving office
  • You hate your tired old-fashioned office furniture and want to replace it with something more modern and contemporary
  • You are relocating to new business premises
  • You are starting a new business and want to buy office furniture for the first time

Choosing office furniture and designing your new space is not always as straight forward as it seems and here are two very different options available to you:

Buy cheap office furniture online

FragilePerform a search on Google and and place an order with any site that appears near the top of the first page.


You’ve found some really cheap office furniture and feel pleased with yourself on what a wonderful deal you’ve found and how much money you’ve saved yourself and your company.

You brag to your colleagues and tell your partner when you get back home.


Your office furniture arrives flat-packed and has clearly been mis-handled by the courier.

The driver has no association with the company you purchased from, other than as a logistical parner. Heclaims the damage is not his problem and refuses to help you move the furniture into your office, citing health and safety nonsense.

Your partner leaves you and you get fired.


Office Furniture – Delivered, Assembled & Installed

Office Furniture InstallationThe alternative is to take your time and perform a little research using our old friend Google and choose a company that will offer you friendly advice at each stage of your office planning.

HINT: search for bt office furniture 🙂


A 2D and 3D space planning service which includes bespoke furniture design if required. This will help you to visualise your new office and optimise the available space for maximum productivity and ergonomic comfort.

Your discount office furniture will generally include delivery, assembly and installation throughout most of the UK.

Over 47 years combined experience within the office furniture industry.

A verifiable track record of excellent customer feedback collated since 1994.


Hmmm…erm none that spring to mind!

Can you think of any?

There are very few companies that can compete on price and provide you with this level of service.

OK I admit that this is a little bit of self-promotion for which I apologise, but we genuinely want to make sure that your experience buying office furniture is one that you will enjoy.

After all, we all know that good service is quickly forgotten, but poor service is remembered and passed on to friends, family and even social networks (not good news from a viral perspective!)

“Thanks guys, you delivered on time, just as promised, and the items I ordered were ideal for my needs. You will be my first choice should I need anything similar in the future, Excellent, friendly service. 10 out of 10.”

Nick Hayward

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