Unusual Office Furniture

1. Vespa Workstation

How about this for an office desk…

An Australian blogger decided to customise his 1968 Vespa Sprint and convert it into a fully functional and comfortable office workstation. According to the creator, the Italian scooter was beyond restoration.

“I have tried to maintain the traditional characteristics by converting the back half into a functional workstation, complete with adjustable lap top stand.”

Vespa Workstation

Vespa Workstation

2. Portable Office

Could this be the ultimate in office furniture chic?

Welcome to the Louis Vuitton Portable Office Trunk!

Louis Vuitton Office Trunk

Louis Vuitton Office Trunk

This stylish and classy office comes complete with DVD player, TV, solar power and coffee maker. The coffee maker is actually powered by a small can of petrol.

I recommend you check this can is empty before embarking on any international travel. Explaining the petrol can to customs could result in severe embarrassment, or even worse – arrest!

Not recommended for destinations to the Middle East or USA! 🙂

You will probably need a suitcase of equivalent size stuffed full of cash to pay for this!

3. Kruikantoor – Portable Office Furniture

This takes some beating.

Dutch designer Tim Vinke has created this impressive office ‘suite’ which can be wheeled around like a wheelbarrow.

His lightweight office is actually made from EPS foam and covered with a coating of polyurea hotspray.

Amazingly, this office comes complete with 2 office chairs, an office desk, light, electricity connection and office storage. As you can see from the images, it can be put together and wheeled around to almost any location.

Not quite as cool perhaps as the Louis Vuitton Office Trunk but certainly a lot more practical. You’ll be the envy of your friends when you wheel this down to the park to work on a sunny afternoon. Be aware you may get stopped and asked if you sell hotdogs.

Portable Office Furniture

Kruikantoor Portable Office Furniture

Portable Office Furniture

Office Desk With 2 Chairs And Storage

4. Hip Office

All the health experts agree that you should avoid sitting for prolonged periods at your office desk. This next unusual office accessory is called a Hip Office and has been ergonomically designed to provide a solution for those who wish to get up more often from their office desk.

For fitness fanatics and the more adventurous amongst you, why not try stretching while you work or perhaps even go for a gentle jog around the office.

A bit of friendly advice – just like you shouldn’t use a mobile phone while driving, avoid typing while jogging and remember to look up occasionally. You don’t want to knock over the tea lady.

Hip Office

Hip Office

5. The House On The Table

This final offering is probably my favourite. Created by design studio Design Mong it is literally a house that fits on top of your office desk.

We all need a bit of space and some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the office. For many of us the only way we can achieve this during the working day is through multiple extended visits to the office convenience.

Of course by doing this you may end up being the subject of office speculation concerning the frequency of your movements. It’s also possible you may be disciplined for spending too much time away from your office desk.

The solution? This wonderful office den which gives you all the personal office space you could ever need. Imagine how pleasant it would be spending your working day cocooned inside your own personal mini house.

If you get really creative, you could perhaps use it for holding regular private meetings with the office hottie!

Office Desk House

The House On The Table