Second Hand & Used Office Furniture

Office Desk & Chair

One of the most common questions we’re asked is if we sell second hand office furniture.

Dealing in used furniture was once a successful business model for some companies. We used to deal in second hand furniture ourselves, as our existing customers may remember.

However, manufacturing techniques and processes have involved and advanced to a point now where it is almost as cheap to buy new office furniture as used.

The advantage of course to buying new furniture is that it comes with a guarantee and spare parts or matching items can usually be obtained when required.

We have spent many years building partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers to the point where it is no longer viable for us to sell second hand office furniture from a business perspective.

Therefore, we took a decision some time ago that we would only supply new products. We often found it was difficult matching people’s requirements with our stock at any given moment in time.

For instance, a customer might find an office desk they liked but not be able to find complementary storage. Additionally, if something went wrong with the product, it was often difficult or impossible to locate replacement parts.

Although we don’t stock 2nd hand, we do however believe in the value of recycling your old furniture and there are a number of companies online that do precisely that.