Want To Be The Boss?

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Want To Be The Boss?

Debenhams have released news that their sales of home office furniture have increased by an incredible 340%. The reason for this staggering climb, they believe, is the boost in people working from
home in order to avoid
the looming cloud of the recession. This growth in sales is supported by news from the UK Government which suggests that in the current unstable working world people are opting to work from home and be their own boss.

But what are the pros and cons of working from home? Obviously, aside from it being the only way staff would be able to go to the office in their pyjamas without everyone else having to sponsor them, there are no doubt many real reasons for so many choosing to shun the commute to work. The chance to fit the working-life in and around family life evidently has a strong pull by enabling masses of workers to be at home when the kids come home from school or take a morning off without explanation. Workers can choose how they spend their time and structure their day to suit both themselves and their workload. Also the freedom to get out of bed at 2 minutes to 9 is definitely appealing on those dark and cold winter mornings.

So what are the cons? The act of leaving the house everyday and heading to the office allows workers to separate work from home life, but with work and home being the same thing workers run the risk of never “switching off”. Also, the act of leaving the house and interacting with co-workers gives people important and necessary daily social interaction and routine. Although the joys of being your own boss are obviously apparent, the cons will be even more obvious when you go on holiday or fall ill, as your business will stop the minute you do.

With self-discipline and hard work, running a business from home can be rewarding and prosperous, giving everybody the chance to make their own decisions. BT Office offers a wide range of affordable and long lasting office chairs, desks, filing cabinets and storage solutions perfect for anyone starting from scratch. To see the entire range of BT Office Furniture please visit btoffice.com.