Boardroom furniture buying guide

If you’re looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your boardroom, you have landed in the right place. Our boardroom furniture buying guide will help you create a stylish, functional and inviting boardroom that is sure to impress your colleagues and visitors.

Providing the ultimate, diverse space for meetings, conferences, training and more, boardrooms are commonly found in a diverse range of businesses.

There is a wide variety of furniture that will allow you to achieve an environment that accommodates your business demands, while creating a comfortable, inviting space to work.

From practical oval shaped boardroom tables and traditional modular boardroom tables, through to comfortable seating solutions and AV display systems, here at BT Office, we’ve got everything you’ll need to create a functional, welcoming boardroom.

We have a huge variety of shapes, sizes and materials for you to choose from and all of our boardroom furniture has been manufactured to the highest standard. With everything from traditional boardroom tables to more contemporary conference room layouts, our range of office meeting furniture features everything you need to create a professional working environment.

Our impressive range of conference room furniture includes boardroom rectangular tables, circular tables, white conference tables, meeting tables and meeting room seating.

Discover our boardroom furniture range here.

Bright stylish modern boardroom table

Why is it important to get your boardroom furniture right?

A whole host of important business activities take place in the boardroom. Your employees could potentially be working or conducting important meetings in the space for long periods of time.

It’s important that it is a comfortable and inviting space where your colleagues can work, meet and interact. Chairs should be supportive and comfortable; meeting tables should be fit for purpose and you should have the correct equipment available.

Boardroom tables

With a great choice of meeting room tables and boardroom tables, we can deliver flexibility in terms of style, functionality and budget.

Our fantastic choice of conference room tables includes a wide variety of styles and finishes to suit any workplace, including the BT Gresham range, BT Actiu range, BT Prestige range, BT Evolve, and BT Success range.

All of our boardroom tables have been designed to accommodate employees comfortably.

White boardroom table with 13 places

Boardroom chairs

From modern office chairs, leather executive chairs and ergonomic seating options, through to mesh chairs, draughtsman chairs and meeting chairs, there are a whole host of seating solutions that work in a boardroom setting.

Our expansive range of office seating solutions has been selected to allow you and your team to get the most from your office space. We offer an array of styles, finishes and colours to enhance any office environment.

Allowing you to achieve a look and feel that confirms who you are in the presence of both clients and staff, our boardroom chairs are perfectly in tune with your business needs.

Black boardroom chairs in leather

Storage solutions

Every boardroom should be clean, tidy and clutter-free. After all, it’s space where important matters are discussed, and it should free from any distractions.

Effective storage solutions are an important part of any boardroom. From filing cabinets, meeting room cupboards, and moveable bookshelves through to stylish boardroom sideboards and system storage, we have plenty of options available.

Ideal for enhancing both contemporary and traditional boardroom spaces, our storage solutions are suitable for any sized boardroom and any budget. The range includes wooden storage, metal storage, wall storage and system storage.

Glass fronted boardroom sideboard

Presentation facilities

No boardroom is complete without the right technology. Equipment such as state of the art AV display systems, media screens and media walls, can help to boost productivity and make collaboration in meetings and conferences far easier.

We provide a range of technical equipment that can be neatly integrated into your boardroom or meeting room. It can also be concealed when not in use. Designed to accommodate your exact specifications, our presentation facilities include the Away Media 03, Hive Media 01 and our power video conference table.

So, if you’re looking to creating a striking, functional and welcoming professional working environment, look no further than BT Office.

AV display system desk and chairs

Why choose BT Office furniture?

Since BT Office Furniture’s formation in 1994, we have become a leading UK office furniture supplier.

We use our own fleet of vehicles and team of specialist fitters to ensure your modern and executive office furniture arrives undamaged and is installed by people who are familiar with the products.

Get in touch today to find out how we can enhance your office boardroom.