Folding & Tilt Top Boardroom Tables

Folding tables and tilt top tables are suitable for areas hosting conferences, meetings, events and courses. When you need to create a meeting room for flexible use, these folding boardroom tables can quickly be arranged and re-arranged. When not required they can easily be stored and stacked away. Our ranges include folding conference room tables and tilt top meeting tables in many colours and wood finishes.

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Folding Tables & Stacking Tables

Folding Leg Tables

Folding Leg TablesFolding tables or folding leg tables have legs which can be folded into the middle of the table.


The legs lock into place allowing the tables to be stacked and stored neatly away.


One thing to bear in mind is that folding leg tables need to be carried and do not have wheels or castors.

Therefore, it is advisable to consider utilising a trolley to transport folded tables from one place to another.


Tilting Frame Tables

Tilting Frame Tables


Tilting frame tables are also sometimes referred to as tilt top tables.


They utilise an under desk mechanism which allows the table top to be flipped upright and locked into place.

Tables can then be stacked together in a staggered fashion to create space.


Some of our tilt top table ranges have lockable castors so that they can easily be moved around.


Tilting frame tables can also be arranged to accommodate large groups of people.

This can be useful in boardrooms and conference centres (see image below):

Rectangular Flip Top Tables


Stacking Leg Tables

Heavy Duty Conference Stacking Leg TrolleyStacking legs can also be fitted to some of our ranges (Imperial Reunion for example).

This provides a much cheaper alternative to tilting frame and folding leg tables.


However, in order to benefit from this system, you would need to unscrew the legs from the base of the table and then store them with the table top.

The legs are compact when stored and are easily fixed securely to the table top.


Heavy duty conference stacking leg trolleys are also available (see image).


Folding Table Configurations

Our folding table ranges include a number of different shaped desks and sizes which allow you to create a huge variety of configurations to suit almost any purpose.


These include the following:


Rectangular Table
Trapezoidal Table
Semi-Circular Table
90 Radius Table
Circular Table

Folding Table Shapes


For example, by combining a number of trapezoidal and rectangular tables you can create a table arrangement as shown below:


Modular Meeting Room Table

Modular Boardroom Table combining Trapezoidal and Rectangular Tables.


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