How to create a reception desk and area fast: 5 easy steps

It is important that the reception is a functional part of the office that creates the right impression of the company. Choosing the right layout and reception desk or counter is vital to achieve the desired look and feel of the reception space. However, the reception desk also needs to be functional for greeting your visitors and provide a workspace for one or several members of staff.

This article will guide you through some of the options and considerations available when choosing a reception desk or counter.

Stunning neon yellow reception desk

1.      Make sure there’s enough space

Plan out a floorplan before making decisions on your reception furniture and layout. Measure the space you need in an excel document or on a floorplanning tool like Floorplanner. Carefully map out the desk, the space in front of and behind the desk, the visitor waiting area, spaces for coffee tables and don’t forget storage!

2.      Choose the right reception desk or counter

An amazing reception desk or counter can transform the entrance to your business and create an incredible first impression.

A reception desk is a normal height desk with a glass or wood privacy board or shelf. A lower reception desk feels more informal but offers less privacy than a high counter. However, most counters would now include a lower end to accommodate for wheelchair users.

Apart from various heights, purpose built reception desks and counters are available in many different sizes, in real wood veneers or laminate finishes, as L shape, straight or curved – making them easy to fit into small or large reception areas. For more flexibility choose a modular option that gives you the freedom to customise your desk more or less exactly to your space and needs.

3.      Consider reception area storage

Furthermore, consider the amount of storage required for your reception desk, many desks offer built in storage and cable access ports to keep a neat and tidy surface. Perhaps choose some smart wall storage behind the reception desk to disguise unsightly paperwork stacks and stationary.

4.      Plan a comfy waiting area

Colourful and stylish reception sofas, comfy chairs and coffee tables can make a big visual impact quickly. Choose the colour and materials of your reception furniture wisely. A sofa that’s hard to keep clean will make a negative first impression for your company. No one wants to sit on a stained chair or sofa. Add in some space for a watercooler, coffee making facilities, magazine racks, indoor plants and artwork/signage on the walls.

5.      Make the right impression

Make sure you consider your own employees as well as customers and visitors. After all the employees will pass by this area every day so make them feel welcome.

Consider how easy it is to tidy the reception area and keep it clean. Opt for materials that can be easily cleaned like wood, glass and hard-wearing fabrics for upholstery. Are there enough places to hide away any visitor paperwork and stationary like lanyards and passes? And reception staff’s personal belongings like bags and coats?

Smaller things should be considered too like playing the right music that reflects your business, up-to-date industry magazines, books and journals on coffee tables.

Do you need extra help creating the perfect reception desk for your office? Contact our Office Space Planning experts here.