Furniture for Different Spaces – What’s best for individual settings?

Although we specialise in office furniture, there are many other places – which may not be offices as such – for which we can also help when it comes to space planning and furniture requirements. Such customers in the past have included Estate Agents, Libraries, Schools, Surgeries & Hospitals, Salons, Call Centres, Hotel  & Hospitality venues, as well as various forms of Coworking spaces, Community Halls, Auditoriums and Airports, to name just a few.

Let’s look at the different kinds of furniture you might consider for such spaces. We’ve also included some links to more in-depth recommendations so these settings.  

Estate Agents
Schools and Colleges
Surgeries and Hospitals
Call Centres

Estate Agents

First impressions count, as they say, perhaps even more when you are an estate agent, seeking to ensure a warm, professional welcome. Our range of estate agent specialist furniture will create a contemporary, open and stylish look for your business. We supply a range of estate agent desks specifically designed for the industry and have worked with many agencies, establishing a reputation we are proud of.

Qudos Conference Workstation

Our Recommendations

Qudos is our fully cable managed cantilever leg desk range. Qudos sports a double upright, half round oval design, and its 3 way internal leg extrusions add a particularly aesthetic appeal. Offering an array of unique desktops, in various shapes and sizes, Qudos can provide the complete individual desk solution for a Estate Agent. Cable ports and notched modesty panels for cable routing are supplied as standard. Reception desks and conference links complete the system. Choose from a range of fantastic desks, chairs, and storage solutions, available in a variety of colours and styles, in order to create a bespoke look that will give you that competitive edge.

To see the full Qudos desk range here.

Qudos Office Desks

Our second recommendation is Pure. Pure is our modern take on affordable desking. This modern desk range offers a bench impression without the restriction of shared components, making any reconfiguration of your office at a later date much easier. Pure offers an extensive portfolio of unique desk top shapes, 800 or 600mm deep.

The range also boasts 2 tone colour options as standard along with its cost saving combination desks. Pure Bench is particularly ideal for cable trunking and data storage, such as in schools and universities. Desktops can be scooped on the back edge or supplied with cable ports at no extra cost. Legs are pre drilled for screen brackets, enabling the system to work with triple tool rail screens for monitor arms. Cable ports come as standard, with an 80mm modesty panel opening, making for simple cable routing using mounted cable trays.


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Educational Settings:  School, Libraries, Universities & Colleagues

BT Office can provide many kinds of furniture for educational settings, such as for schools, libraries, universities or colleagues. For such environments you will need to think about administration and staffing areas, as well as the educational facilities themselves. Many classrooms will require standard office furniture items, such as stationery cupboards, filing cabinets, school reception furniture, partitions screens. We have a great range of specialist storage solutions ideal for schools and colleges. Reception areas will also need furnishing with appropriate seating and tables.

Element Move Group Screentek

Regarding Auditoriums, such those required by universities and colleges, our modular stage platform range features two-tier auditorium seating modules, which can be configured in a multitude of different ways. This means you can easily create an environment that is comfortable, versatile and ideal for learning and presenting.

Stages Main Image

All of our modular stage systems feature under-seat storage and upholstered seat pads for convenience, comfort and style. In order to enhance your presentation space even further, we also offer extra options, including integrated power for connectivity, lockable casters for mobility, and floor coverings for protection.

Mediastor Spacestor

Easy, tool-free assembly makes our presentation platforms extremely accessible and a sound investment.

Regarding Libraries, check out our previous article ‘Library Furniture Glossary: Different Types of Library Furniture you Need.’


The kind of equipment you will purchase will depend on both the kind of salon services you provide and the availability of workers to operate those services. For example, you may find yourself needing a desk for the receptionist, beauty salon chairs, soft seating, beam seating or modular seating, depending on the type of services on offer.

Light Reception Counter Clark Rendal

At BT Office Furniture we have reception counter designs to suit every budget and business type. From salon reception desks to sophisticated reception areas, our comprehensive range of desks and counters have been carefully selected to ensure your business gives a smart, welcoming and long-lasting impression. These ranges look fabulous, are available at fantastic prices, and can be delivered and installed completely hassle free.

Dams welcome reception desk in white, with branding

Surgeries & Hospital Furniture

Healthcare furniture, also known as medical office furniture, is furniture designed specifically to assist medical staff in their work, and to ensure the comfort, safety and health of patients.

Regarding Surgery Furniture, Hospital Furniture or Dental Surgery Furniture, BT Office can provide: Reception Desks, Waiting Area Furniture, Reception Furniture and Hospital Training Room Furniture.

Shila Bech seating 2 seater with table mdd

Some links for Hospital Training Rooms are below:

Airport Seating

Busy airport terminals see thousands of passengers pass through their spaces daily. High quality and comfortable airport seating is therefore crucial for good customer service. When it comes to creating a functional, stylish and comfortable space, beam seating is often a great solution. Our extensive collection of beam seating for airports is available in several configurations, to suit different numbers of people, offering comfort and practicality in equal measures. Some options can also be fixed to the floor, for added stability.

All of our beam seating is available in a variety of finishes, including beech, maple and various upholstered finishes, meaning you can choose a beam seating solution that will complement and enhance your particular space. Naturally the beam seating we supply has been manufactured to the highest standard, ensuring it is durable, resilient, and able to withstand daily use.

Salto Beam Seating

Call Centres

Call Centres have now become essential for many businesses. Our Call Centre furniture range has been designed specifically to meet modern requirements.

Our call centre desks can be arranged to form clusters, enabling them to seat any number of users whilst at the same time saving valuable office floor space. Because many businesses operate call centres for customer service, it is essential that even when users are seated next to one another, they still retain a certain amount of privacy in order to take customer calls. Thus we offer a range of screen options that can be added to any call centre desk, in order to provide an acoustic and visual barrier, and to separate individual workspaces for different users.

Elite Office Furniture Call Centre in detail

Our smart, call centre range includes flexible call centre furniture for 2-8 people, stylish screens, workstations, as well as matching, comfortable computer chairs.

At BT Office Furniture our centre furniture comes with a number of different MFC wood and frame finish options. Innovative cable management systems can also be integrated to keep your desks clear of cables and clutter.

Of course, call centre furniture is not just limited to call centre offices. Many schools, colleges, universities and libraries also find this type of furniture beneficial, in terms of space, privacy and cost.

Check out our full call centre range.

Hotel & Hospitality Furniture

Draft Modular Seating

Incorporating all economic activities directly or indirectly linked to travel and tourism, the Hospitality industry is a vast sector that includes: Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants & Catering, Night Clubs & Bars, Travel & Transportation, Tourism, Spas & Wellness, Cruise Liners & Bus tours, Events (Private, Business, Cultural & Sports). As a result, Hotel & Hospitality Furniture can include a variety of things, from receptions, through restaurants to bedrooms. Thus there are many different types of furniture requirements that need to be considered when specifying say a hotel project. Reception furniture, for example, makes a big impact and will help your guests determine the calibre of the hotel before they even reach the reception desk.

reception count clarke rendall light counter

If you are looking for office furniture, including any of the above mentioned, our team of knowledgeable advisors are on hand to help you make the right decision to suit your needs and requirements.

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Explore the BT Office Furniture  range today and get in touch if you need any further information.