Modern Office Design, Layout, and Space Planning

Whether you’re undergoing an entire office fit out in an existing space, you’re designing a new one, or you’re looking to make some minor improvements to your current layout or office decor, there’s an awful lot to think about and it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Making changes to your office space can be incredibly beneficial, allowing you to boost productivity, engagement, and staff satisfaction levels, as well as refreshing the business.

Today, office design, layout, and space planning is far more creative and versatile than ever before, with a whole host of furniture, designs, layouts, and finishes to choose from.

However, if you want to ensure your office layout is as practical, functional, and efficient as possible, its important that the space is carefully planned and well thought out.

Office planning and design

When it comes to planning and designing your office space, there are a number of factors to take into account including how the space is used and your overall objectives, as well as your budget, fit out duration, and design ideas.

Ultimately, an office needs to flow naturally and be optimised for productivity. So, when it comes to planning your office space, its important to think about the type of space each department needs to work efficiently and effectively, as well as the operational goals you want to achieve within the space.

The importance of a floor plan

Although you might have a clear idea about the type of office furniture you want for your office, its not always easy to envisage how it will fit into the space you have available, particularly if your office isn’t a uniform shape such as a perfect square or rectangle.

When planning your office, there are a whole host of considerations, including work flow analysis, office desk type and shape, office storage, and office chair ergonomics.

With this in mind, its important to develop a floor plan to ensure that you can maximise your workspace and your employee productivity.

Office decor

Planning an office layout isnt just about the practical elements, its also important to consider office decor if you want to create a productive and pleasant working environment.

Many companies brand their office space, just as they brand their website, social media platforms, and products. With so many different furniture and dcor options available, its never been easier to integrate your branding into your office space.

Remember that the small, final touches can make a big difference. Even if you’re going for a clean, minimal look, there are still plenty of opportunities to add finishing touches such as plant pots and prints that will really pull the design together.

Office space planning 3d rendering

Office space planning services

Office space planning might sound like a simple task, but there are a whole host of things to consider. Your office plan must take into account:

  • Which departments or teams will be working in the space?
  • How many employees will be working in the space?
  • Which employees need specific features?
  • How many people move through the space?
  • Which employees interact regularly and need to be near each other to work effectively?
  • Which employees need to sit close to equipment such as printers, copiers, etc?
  • Do you need any additional spaces such as bathrooms, conference and meeting rooms, reception areas, storage space, etc?

Utilising a professional space planning service will allow you to visualise your available space and truly understand how your office furniture will fit into it.

Using 2D or 3D CAD planning, a space planning service will allow you to track the space allocated to each department, test different scenarios and layouts by moving furniture around, view and plan your office layout around building features and systems.

This may also to help you save money on the cost of your office, helping you to plan in a way that will fit everything you need into a smaller space.

Modern office design examples

Modern office design offers a whole host of opportunities, limited only by your imagination (as well as budget and space, of course).

With a firm focus on promoting a flexible approach to working, modern office design will allow you to create collaborative work spaces that not only optimise productivity, but also promote wellbeing and a positive, healthy culture.

Unlike traditional office designs that tended to work off closed floor plans, modern office designs generally embrace the benefits of open floor plans, where permanent walls are replaced with low-walled cubicles, office pods, collaborative working areas, and glass-walls.

This contemporary approach to office design offers a whole host of benefits, including the versatility to modify the layout easily in response to the organisations changing needs, as well as promoting employee collaboration.

If youre looking for inspiration, check out our inspirational ideas for the modern office here.

At BT Office Furniture, we offer a comprehensive 2D and 3D space planning and design service. Get in touch to find out more or to discuss your specific requirements.