Working at a counter, in a factory, lab or as a draughtsman is very different from normal desk work. Therefore our factory and draughtsman chairs are designed for this line of work and have particular features in order to reduce strains and meet the demands of such job roles.

How to choose

A draughtsman chair has a much higher gas lift than a normal operator chair. If you are working at an approx height of 900mm from the floor then you will need a chair with a higher than normal gas lift. These factory and draughtsman chairs can easily be differentiated for a normal height chair by the foot ring and the fact that they are on glides instead of castors. You can get draughtsman chairs with wheels or with legs.

Are you looking for a specific type or size of draughtsmans chairs? Our team of knowledgeable advisors are on hand to help you make the right decision based on your seating requirements.


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