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Our range of contemporary office desks & modern office desks covers all of your office workstation needs, including 120 degree desks, corner desks, d end desks, radial office workstations, stylish options or desks to a budget.

Making the right choices when selecting office desks is critically important. Consider the look of the office, the working environment, the status in your organisation of the user and the job they are doing. Are you unsure on the difference between the corner office desks, l shaped, double wave desks, radial, d end , double d end, rectangular, 120 degree office desks? Our team of knowledgeable advisors are on hand to help you make the right decision based on your requirements. Choose from our range of delivered and installed office desks & office workstations.

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Style of Desks

We have a large choice of office desk ranges which include the following desk types and shapes:


Corner Desks

Corner Desk         

The office desk image shown demonstrates the versatility of corner desks. Not only can they be utilised to save space in the corner of a room, they can also be used as a feature in your home office or workspace.


This particular corner desk incorporates a wood veneer with 18mm wood veneer desktop and 4 drawer supporting pedestal.


As with many BT Office desk ranges, our corner desks come in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to suit any budget or office requirement.


L Shaped Desks

L Shaped Desk         

Our range of L shape office desks include executive with return (shown in the image), budget and high end. L shaped desks are similar to corner desks in that they are great for maximising space or creating a standout feature in the middle of your office or workspace.


The main difference between a corner desk and an L shaped desk is that usually a corner shape contains desk sections of equal dimensions attached at 90 degrees, whereas an L shape desk may have one work surface longer than the other to give the user more room to work.


Consider the shape that will best fit your office when choosing between L shaped desks and corner desks.


Double Wave Desks

Double Wave Desks         

Aesthetically, double wave desks add a stylish look to any home or work office space. Double wave desks can also be configured to seat 2 to 4 users by placing them side to back and/or back to back.


A double wave desk gives you more working space on either side and many of our desks have built-in cable management and a variety of wood and MFC finishes. Our double wave desks come with free delivery and installation plus a manufacturer's guarantee.


Radial Desks

Radial Desk         

Our radial desks come in various sizes and a wide rage of finishes and are ideal for using as corner desks in your office. They can also be used to create desk clusters for 2 or 4 people by placing them side to side and/or back to back.


The office desk shown is a cantilever frame corner desk but we also have panel end options to create your perfect ergonomic radial corner desk configuration. Matching office storage is also available.


D End Desks

D End Desk         

D end desks give the user more workspace than a traditional office desk and also provides an occasional meeting space or consultation area at the D end of the desk.


The desk shown in the image has a panel frame and legs but our range of D end desks are also available with metal legs and frames and a variety of sizes and finishes. These include beech, maple, white, oak and anthracite. 


Double D End Desks

Double D End Desks         

Double D end desks are most commonly used in meeting rooms or boardrooms as they provide extra desktop space and are generally larger than standard office desks.


Our ranges include panel leg desks, metal frame desks, a selection of finishes and a number of different sizes.


A Double d end desk is a great alternative to often more expensive boardroom tables and are certain to add style to your office meeting room.


Rectangular Desks

Rectangular Desk         

A rectangular desk provides a number of different options for your office. From a small rectangular office desk to much large rectangular tables, they are extremely versatile and fit neatly into square or rectangular office spaces.


The rectangular desk shown in the image incorporates a metal 'Y' frame and is ideal for your boardroom or meeting room. Cable management and matching storage are also available on many of our rectangular desk and table ranges.


120 Degree Desks

120 Degree Desk         

120 degree desks are generally used to create ellaborate clusters of desks for 3 or more users.


They can be configured together to form a simple 3-person workstation or straight extensions can be added to the sides of the desks to accomodate 6 users.


120 degree desks are the perfect solution if you need to quickly and easily design an office area on a budget. Our 120 degree desk ranges come in a wide range of finishes and sizes. Desk screens, pedestal drawers, cable management and desk height book or file shelves can be added to further complement your office space.        


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