Executive Office Desks

Our executive desks have all been chosen for their impressive designs, superb quality and modern functionality. We can offer a wide range of executive desks to suit different types of businesses and personalities.

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Executive Office Desk Guide

Naturally you will want your executive office desk to complement the rest of your office furniture and therefore styling is an important factor to consider. For instance, an ultra-modern glass desk in an old-fashioned office may stick out like a sore thumb. You first need to decide if you want a glass desk (glass executive desks can look incredible!), or a wooden desk. Also, desks are available that come with metal legs. This can provide a further opportunity for concealing cables because some are designed with built-in cable management features.


All of our executive computer desks and managers executive desks can be combined with matching storage units and meeting tables to create a bespoke office or workplace.</p>


Are you looking for a specific type, size or colour? For example a glass executive desk, white or black executive office desks can be very stylish. Our team of knowledgeable advisors are on hand to help you make the right decision based on your computer or executive desk requirements.


Wood Executive Desk finishes


• great value | different finishes and colours available


• sensibly priced | highly durable

Solid Wood

• high quality | look great | different wood finish options | durable | more expensive than wood veneer

Wood Veneer

• looks fantastic | cheaper than solid wood | less durable than solid wood


Large Office Desks

For senior members of staff such as managers, supervisors and company directors, you will probably want a larger executive desk to accommodate different types of working scenario. An example of this might be holding a meeting with several people at the same time, all of whom need office desk space for taking notes.


Shaped desks often offer the best solution to these types of scenarios. ‘L’ and ‘U’ shaped office executive desks are popular choices as they will allow both you and your employees enough space to hold a meeting and have a solid surface for keeping notepads and paperwork.


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