Airflake Acoustic Hanging Panel

£115.00 - £369.00 + vat

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Sizes: Airflake Large Pack of 5
£369.00 + vat
Sizes: Airflake Large Pack of 2
£164.00 + vat
Sizes: Airflake Pocket Pack of 4
£298.00 + vat
Sizes: Airflake Pack of 10
£279.00 + vat
Sizes: Airflake Pack of 3
£115.00 + vat

The Airflake Acoustic Hanging Panel is the first product to emerge from the ground breaking Air concept. Made of fabric-covered moulded fibre felt. It absorbs sound and prevents echoes. Furthermore, the hexagon-shaped modules are assembled together to form ‘open’ screens. In addition to this, the shape or suggest new spaces within a space, while allowing light to pass through unobstructed.

Standard: 345w x 400h
Large: 600w x 700h
Designs: Blade Open, Blade Closed, Line Open, and Line Closed
Airflake has an option with a pocket module for magazines, paper etc...
Moulded polyester felt and available in a wide range of colours
Can be combined with each other to form suspended sound absorbers in a variety of shapes and sizes
The modules are assembled using plastic connectors (included).
Standard colours are available in 10-packs and 3-packs
Other designs available from this range
Suspension kits available (upcharge)
Delivery 2-3 weeks
Delivery and Installation Charges May Apply
Recycling of Packaging Available - Please call for details
Air Suspension Rail 1500mm wide£190.00 + vat
Air Suspension Rail 2000mm wide£252.00 + vat
Air Suspension Rail 3000mm wide£371.00 + vat
Air Wire Kit Includes 2 x wires, 3m and Ceiling Mount£48.00 + vat