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Options: Mews Focus Pod
£15,729.00 + vat
Options: Mews Double Collaboration Space Extension
£9,781.00 + vat

The Mews pods can be the focus of the space, but the negative space can be just as important creating ideal spaces for collaborations and bonding with others. Mews removes the negative and make positive spaces.

The Mews Workspace Landscape is available in almost limitless configurations which allows you unparalleled freedom to solve any number of problems within the work spaces you are creating
When using connecting frames, curtains can be added to further enhance your specification by adding a layer of softness into the scene
Mews Focus Pod - Perfect for solo working and video conferencing
Mews Double Collaborative Extension - A freestanding Frame System available with privacy curtains
Designed for focussed work as standard, the Mews Focus Workspace is also configurable to a specialised video conferencing pod with features such as lighting pre-set’s that are integrated into shelving units to provide even facial lighting, laptop stands, power & data and privacy curtain
Air Quality & Temperature Our new ventilation system allows fresh air to be drawn in - hot air extracted out. All pods are also set to deliver 12 air changes per hour as a ‘nominal’ setting. Providing quality air flow and a stimulating atmosphere whist maintaining the ambient temperature
Acoustics Mews offers high levels of acoustic insulation, achieved through innovative sound absorbent wall panels - disconnecting you from the wider environment to focus, and providing acoustic privacy for calls
Connectivity Power to recharge USB A+C with HDMI connectivity to a screen recommended size 32”
Tables Standard tables have an anti microbial Fenix top and rounded corners to maximise on space
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