Space saving desks – Making the most of your office space

Space is often at a premium in an office. Choosing the right, space saving desks will help with maximising space, productivity, performance and comfort in busy office environments.

After all, creating a comfortable, inviting and functional office space can have a huge impact on employee productivity and morale, whilst also saving you money by removing the need to invest in a larger space to accommodate your workforce.

When space is an issue, furnishing an office can be a nightmare. To make life easier, BT Office has introduced a range of space saving bench desks, which can be used in an array of offices.

With seating available on each side of the desk, staff can communicate yet still work in peace due to well positioned privacy glass. Bench desks also offer teams the opportunity to work both together and separately with ease.

Rotating desks, compact desks for small spaces, slim-line desks and space saving corner desks offer a practical way to make the most of the space you have available. All space saving desk solutions offer comfort and function in equal measure and can be used in even the most challenging spaces.

Wooden framed space saving office desk

Buying a space saving desk – what to think about

Just because you’re working with a small space, doesn’t mean you can’t maximise productivity. There are several space saving desks that can enhance any environment.

And if you’re looking to buy a space saving desk – you’ve certainly landed in the right place.  Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing your new desks.

Your workload

If you have a job which entails a large workload, it’s important to make sure that your desk is equipped to accommodate this, so that you can work in a stress free and spacious environment.

There are lots of larger space saving desks available to maximise space without compromising on storage or productivity, as well as office desks that have been designed to work with difficult corners of alcoves.


When buying office furniture, it’s important to set a budget. There are several options and designs to accommodate all office sizes and budgets.


When choosing a space saving desk you should always be mindful about what will need to be stored on or in the desk. For example, if the desk will house a computer, it might be worth investing in a height adjustable desk that comes complete with an inbuilt keyboard tray, to help to free up much needed storage space.

The vast majority of space saving desks also come complete with plenty of drawers and cupboards for paperwork, stationary and other office essentials.


Space saving desks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, meaning you’re sure to find a desk that will fit in virtually any room.

As well as a wide range of different sizes, space saving office desks also come in a wide variety of materials, which means you can complement and enhance your existing office décor.


From space saving corner desks through to rotating desks, space saving desks are available in lots of different styles.

BT Office offers a variety of styles that are ideal for maximising space, including the Astrolite Bench Desks, Prisma Bench Desks and Freeway Bench Desks.

Other great space saving options include 120 degree desks, corner desks, and radial office workstations.

Freeway bench desk in a smaller office

Why choose BT Office furniture?

In this time of financial uncertainty, getting the most for your money is paramount for many businesses. This range of functional and competitively priced space saving desks offers businesses great functionality without compromising on style.

Knowing that offices come in all shapes and sizes, the clever selection of space saving desks from BT Office Furniture means you can accommodate as little or as many people as needed.

Derek Flood, Managing Director of BT Office says, “The new additions to our desk range have offered even greater choice to our customers. As well as offering exceptional layout flexibility, our newest bench desks are durable and affordable, available in a range of colours, they can easily complement existing office décor.”

Since BT Office Furniture’s formation in 1994, BT Office has become a leading UK office furniture supplier. We use our own fleet of vehicles and team of specialist fitters to ensure your modern and executive office furniture arrives undamaged and is installed by people who are familiar with the products.